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Classes for 2018
Monday thru Thursday
(30 Hours of Classroom Instruction)
(6 hours of BTW Lessons and 6 hours of Observation)

April 23rd thru May 16th.....................6:30 to 8:30 pm

June 4th thru June 27th......................6:30 to 8:30 pm

*Class times and dates are subject to changes
Minimum of 7 students

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for our classroom students for their
Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons Only.
Program Information
Which includes:
30 hours of Classroom
6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel and 6 Hours of Observation.
Classroom Course: 30 hours of classroom instruction
shall cover but is not limited to the followings:
1. Evolution and impact of vehicles and highways (transportation system)
2. Responsibility of vehicle ownership (keeping vehicle in good working order, knowing the vehicle, Insurance, licensing, titling, etc.)
3. Mechanical and control features of the vehicle
4. Environmental dynamics of driving (wind, snow, etc.)
5. Driving procedures (pre-driving skills and basic maneuver)
6. City driving
7. Rural driving
8. Freeway driving
9. Psychophysical aspects of driving (alcohol, drugs, mood, health, etc.)
10. Traffic citizenship and highway safety (sharing the roadway, road rage, etc.)
11. Hazards posed by railroad crossings
12. Hazards posed by farm machinery and animals
13. Organ and tissue donation (min. 30 min. video and lecture)

Behind-the Wheel Course:
Instruction shall cover but is not limited to the followings:
(6 hours of BTW and 6 hours of Observation)
1. Introduction to the vehicle (parts of the vehicle)
2. City driving
3. Left and right turns
4. Backing up and Y-turn (3pt. Turn)
5. Parallel and parking lot parking
6. Rural driving (including multiple lanes and freeway if possible)
7. Hazards posed by railroad crossing
8. Hazards posed by farm machinery and animals
9. Inclement weather driving in snow, rain wind
10. Hill parking


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